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Our winery is now branded VanArnam Vineyards.  We invite  you to visit that web site at VanArnam Vineyards.

Wine grapes have an amazing ability to draw flavors and attributes from the place in which the vines are grown. Put your nose in a glass of wine and you’ll experience the flavors from that region.  Indeed, many natural aspects of a place affect the quality of both grapes and wine: soil types, climate, location, and topography, to name a few. The French call these collective aspects terroir.

Back in 2006 we searched for what we thought was the perfect place to grow the very best fruit to make truly world class wines.  Our search led us to the Yakima Valley and to a wonderful place in Zillah with just the right southwest slope, soil and available water for irrigating our vines. Here we’ve been planting our vineyards and locating our winery and tasting room.  We’re open each weekend from February through Thanksgiving weekend and invite you to come visit us and taste our wines.



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